Recruiters get a bad rep, often thoroughly deserved

Help us rebuild the brand of recruiters.

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Why are we here?

Recruitment is a little bit broken. Recruitment firms focus on metrics, volumes, KPIs, and forget about people, service, professionalism. Clients are routinely oversold and under-delivered to. Candidates are commoditised, churned and burned. No other industry behaves this way and back in 2011 our founders had had enough.

Recruiting is an easy job to be bad at, but a very difficult job to excel at. We happen to have a very good track record. Global Data Network is always looking for high performing Recruiters and Recruitment Leaders who can help us re-write the stereotypes of the industry.
  • An excellent communicator
  • Someone who takes ownership
  • Have strong degrees of empathy
  • Really understand how to build relationships built on trust
  • Driven to deliver, even in difficult circumstances
  • Fun for candidates, clients and colleagues to work with
You don’t need recruitment experience. We have a proven pedigree in making new entries to the market very successful recruiters. You do, however, need to fit with our values.
What will we do for you? I hear you ask?
  • Train and develop you to well above market levels of skill
  • Treat you well, understanding you are an individual not a number
  • Really reward your performance, with an excellent uncapped commission scheme and great benefits
  • Take you on incentive trips, lunches, away days
  • Give you all the tools needed to excel at this job
  • Make work fun and rewarding
  • Make you proud to be a recruiter!
How to apply?

Hit the button below or call Matt or Adrian on 020 3617 9197.

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Please do not apply if:
  • You’re out for a quick buck
  • Driven purely by money not service
  • Don’t have a strong track record of achievement
  • Take yourself too seriously
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